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Arsenal once again to lure them away Southampton want £ 1000 France signed Tieyao

Posted on May 1 2013 in Arsenal, Southampton, France, Chamberlain, Schneider Lin

Arsenal once again to lure them away Southampton want £ 1000 France signed Tieyao

"The Sun" reported, Arsenal is a £ 10 million offer for Southampton's French midfielder Schneider Lin, I hope he can replace the "glass" Diaby. After a few years, Arsenal has from Southampton hired Walcott and Chamberlain.

It is worth mentioning, Arsenal array, there are two former Southampton player Walcott in 2006 at the age of 17 by Wenger hired from Southampton, Chamberlain also five years after step brother Walcott footsteps "gunmen", they have played an important role in the team. Schneider forest to be joining Arsenal, Wenger looks will become in the transfer market magic pen.

Alexander - Song to leave Arsenal to join Barcelona in the summer of last year, the weak lower back has been a major problem for the plague Arsenal. Arteta is necessary to bear considerable defensive dutiesventa de camisetas de futbol online​, venta de camisetas de futbol online,but also organized the attack, the 31-year-old Spaniard is difficult to ensure to meet many fronts. The beginning of the season, once recovery Diaby injured again in the end of March a training season in advance reimbursement.

This season, Schneider forest a Premiership midfielder position on a great discovery, he averaged 3.9 interceptions ranked top league able to make, he can make a averaging 4.2 steals, second only to Liverpool in the league Lucas # 2, is the midfield interception a rare type of player.camisetas de futbol americano​ camisetas de futbol americano,But Schneider Lin also not "engineers" in the traditional sense, his passing success rate of 84.9%, averaging 51.6 passes made​​, long pass transfer also quite accomplished, Arteta share pressure.

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